Die Kroatische Wirtschaftsvereinigung engagiert sich dank ihrer Vielzahl an Mitgliedern und starken Netzwerkpartner seit dem Jahr 2007 in unterschiedlichen Projekten, insbesondere zur Wissens-, Werte- und Erfahrungsvermittlung, sowie zur Unterst√ľtzung junger Menschen oder Institutionen bei der Weiterentwicklung ihrer Kenntnisse und F√§higkeiten.

Dabei unterst√ľtzen wir insbesondere Studenten und Auszubildende aus Finnland, Griechenland, Italien, Kroatien, Rum√§nien, Slowenien, Serbien, Polen, T√ľrkei und anderen Europ√§ischen L√§ndern bei der Suche nach Praktikumspl√§tzen.

Weiterhin erm√∂glichen wir auch fachliche Fortbildungen f√ľr Lehrkr√§fte aus Kroatien. Hier geht es in der Regel darum, den Lehrkr√§ften einen √úberblick √ľber die Schulformen und F√§cher zu verschaffen. Durch ‚ÄěJob-Shadowing‚Äú und den Aufbau von Kontakten ‚Äěnach Europa‚Äú sollen Best-Practice-Beispiele nach Kroatien implementiert werden.

Die Kosten des Praktikums sind in der Regel finanziert durch das ERASMUS+ Programm der Europäischen Union.

Pro Jahr absolvieren so, durch das Netzwerk der Kroatischen Wirtschaftsvereinigung, zwischen 150 bis 200 Auszubildende in Deutschland ein 14-tägiges Praktikum. Studenten sind in der Regel zwischen 2 und 12 Monate in den Unternehmen.

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Weitere Informationen f√ľr unsere Partner:

Learn more about our projects:

The Croatian Economic Association (Kroatische Wirtschaftsvereinigung – KWVD) participates in ERASMUS+ projects since 2007. and offers wide experience in the management of European mobility projects. Our main task is to ‚Äúopen doors‚ÄĚ and to create the way to professional opportunities and challenges. Through Erasmus+ projects, we support young people and/or institutions in the further development of their knowledge and skills, ensuring quality and success for participants from all over Europe in every project, from the stage of application to the dissemination of the project. Our extensive network thus enables more than 200 trainees to complete their dream internship in Germany and offers an enormous increase in experience, knowledge and skills growth in various areas of social and professional life.

The mobility projects are fully financed by the European Union, giving everyone the opportunity to participate. Due to our excellent connections and active participation in various governmental institutions, such as with the Union of Hessian Business Association (Vereinigung der hessischen Unternehmerverbände РVHU), the educational institution in the craft sector and in examination boards with a focus on vocational training, we can provide the participants with the most qualitative support in economic questions.

Mobility programmes

Internships for students and trainees

Our main goal is to provide the best professional and personal experience for each participant and partner in the European projects. Germany represents one of the most economically advanced countries, which gives the opportunity to students to learn from the best and thus gives them an advantage in future employment over other colleagues.
We cooperate with companies in a wide variety of areas and provide work placement in VET occupations such as:
  • baker
  • bricklayers
  • butcher
  • car mechanics
  • car painters
  • ceramists
  • construction technician
  • cooks
  • dental assistants/technicians
  • drivers
  • economists
  • electricians
  • engineers
  • forestry technician
  • hairdressers
  • heating and air-conditioning installers
  • hotel and tourism technicians
  • IT technicians
  • logistics
  • mechanical technicians and electrical technicians
  • mechatronics
  • medical beauticians
  • painters
  • pharmaceutical assistants/technicians
  • photographers
  • road traffic technician
  • salesmen
  • social pedagogue and more…
The Internships follow a well structured schedule that insures professional and cultural training:
Saturday or Sunday:
Arrival in Frankfurt and Hostel accommodation.
Meeting the KWVD staff and introduction to the program and schedule.
Getting information (city plan, local transport etc.)
Monday to Friday:
Professional practice
Getting acquainted with the principles and organization of work in the company, obligations and tasks of students and mentors
Getting acquainted with the areas of the company and the rules related to occupational safety
Saturday and Sunday:
Socio-cultural activities by agreement
Monday to Friday:
Professional practice
Evaluation of the entire mobility programme
Overview of professional, linguistic and cultural experience gained during the stay in Germany
Handover of the project documents (certificate, Europass Mobility Document)
Farewell to the hosts
(Departure -depends on the day of arrival)

Job shadowing

KWVD also provides professional training for teachers. The aim here is to give teachers an overview of the types of schools and subjects. Through ‚Äújob shadowing‚ÄĚ and the establishment of contacts to Europe, best practice examples are to be implanted in home country.

Reasons to choose KWVD


Constant communication and assistance during the preparation of applications to ensure the success of the project.


Appropriate work placements according to the project schedule and the skills of the participants from all different VET fields.
KWVD is a partner you can trust. We offer 24/7 emergency support.
Preparation of the official certificates, Europass and final reports.
Regular meetings to evaluate the work progress of the trainees.
KWVD develops mobility projects in Frankfurt am Main, a city with an impressive cultural and historical patrimony.

Services we offer:

Support with documentation
KWVD staff gurantees constant communication and free assistance during the preparation of applications, providing all the necessary information and documents that are required from us and the companies. At the end of your internship we will provide you with Training Certificates and the Europass Mobility Certificate.
Project monitoring
The main objective our organization has, is to achieve the best possible educational and professional results as well as to ensure satisfaction of all partners engaged in the project. We also make sure that each internship progresses well and is properly fulfilled.
Accomodation, board and transport
We organize half board accomodation near the city centre of Frankfurt am Main.
Frankfurt am Main is one of the whealthiest cities in Europe. It is the center of culture, literature, banking as well as the place of international exchange and encounters. The interns are housed in fully furnished, multi-bedded studio apartments with bathrooms and free Internet access.
Furthermore we will organize all the necessary local transport for the optimal development of the project. Upon arrival, we will provide every participant with a city map and a bus/train travel card for their stay.
Cultural programme
To the Erasmus+ students we offer an attractive cultural programme that will develop and improve the participants understanding for foreign cultures and traditions. Our cultural programme includes city tours of the historical and modern parts of Frankfurt as well as sightseeing and the possibility to engage in one of the many free time activities Frankfurt has to offer.

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Das Praktikum ist f√ľr den beruflichen Werdegang der Auszubildenden¬†von gro√üer Bedeutung – seien Sie ein Teil dieses Weges!